Entrepreneurial Projects at
St. Gabriel Elementary,
Led by Katherine Child's

Can some of the youngest children in a school transform their learning space into something bright and fun? Well, some may not believe it possible, but in our school, kindergarten students did just that when they created an entirely student-conceived & student-driven collage in their classroom. They are rightfully proud of their beautiful and cheerful room!

Not sure of what you can do to help save the planet? Well, purchasing our beautifully crafted perpetual calendars will help you do just that. Not only are they handmade and quite attractive, but they are permanent: one need never purchase another calendar again. Think of all the paper you will save! 

Do you want to encourage nurturing, self-esteem & responsibility in your students? Do you want to enrich classroom experience & encourage the health & welfare of your students? Would you like to add creative additions your lesson plans? If so, you might want to consider adding a pet to your classroom. Some of us did and it has made a major difference to our students!
Wind chimes. The very thought of them evokes a feeling of soft breezes and lovely lazy days. Our Grade 1 students were so taken by the beautiful beads available to them that they just HAD to produce some absolutely wonderful wind chimes...and they are beautiful indeed! And for only $5, you, too, can purchase one. In so doing, you'll also be helping out the SPCA!
Tired of giving the same old types of gifts to friends and family? Sick of looking at the same old ornaments on your tree? Well, the Gr. 3 class at St. Gabriel School has the solution to your problems! Buy our beautiful handmade Xmas ornaments. Not only are they wonderfully sparkly and cheery but all monies go to "Share the Warmth", a charity in Pte. St-Charles.
Grade 1 children at St-Gabriel School created works of art by taking ordinary headbands, decorating them and making them into astonishingly clever, stunning pieces of wearable art that celebrate the seasons as well as the holidays. The students’ bright, beautiful designs took on a modern, complex state-of-the art look that astonished all who saw them, making us believe in magic.
Treading bags
How can a Grade 3 class guarantee to the best of their ability that all students in an elementary school will participate in a home reading program? The answer is quite simple-- provide every student in the school with a customized home reading bag! That's what our Grade 3 students did: they made and designed home reading bags for every student in each grade level!
Beautiful & unusual earrings are often very costly and hard to come by -- unless, of course, you happen to know a Grade 3 student at St. Gabriel School, that is. That's because our Grade 3 students are producing earrings of exceptional quality and beauty...and selling them for the outrageous price of only $3 a pair! As well, proceeds go to “Share the Warmth”.

Imagine a snail that smiles at you from beneath the foliage of your favorite house plant. He doesn't eat a thing but cheerily stays there. Or it could be a charming cat just sitting on your fridge. He won't eat much, but he'll always be happy to see you. Our “Planter Pals” & our “Fridge Friends” are made from durable Fimo clay... so they'll stay as long as they keep you happy!

sock penguins

Penguins! Who doesn't love penguins? Well, if you love them as much as we do, perhaps you should head over to St. Gabriel School for this year's Snow Much Fun Day's "Penguin Paradise", where everyone there will be making their own sock penguins. They're cute and they're cuddly -- and every child will get to make their own new best friend and take it home.

stained glass

Most of us will probably never be able to afford a real stained glass window, but thanks to some wonderfully talented Grade1 students at St. Gabriel School we can purchase the next best thing: a framed stained glass snowflake -- and for less than $10! Just place your framed snowflake in a window and watch as its softly muted colors glow. Sheer bliss!

Students Engage in Drama

Want to write a children's book? First get yourself some young children and then get our fabulous St. Gabriel Transitions class to come in to help and watch the magic occur! Before long, you'll have all the material you'll need for a book - and some fabulous characters to boot.


Pointe St-Charles is not only a fascinating place to explore, but a wonderful place to live, work, and play in. This community is not only historic, but brimming with life. Come visit us! List


Imagine a musical with a mummy, the audacious robbers who have stolen it and the determined museum guards who are trying to get it back. Then there are ninjas sworn by an ancient oath to protect the mummy and return her to her ancient homeland, no matter how many museum guards or robbers they have to fight...and you have St. Gabriel School’s Grade 2 musical play, "The Curse of the Mummy"!

Keeping It Cool through Kickboxing (K.I.C.K.) is a wellness initiative, which provides participating students an opportunity to channel their energy through the use of various kickboxing drills and activities. Through kickboxing, students also acquire a better understanding of honor, the importance of hard work and patience - as well as communication and listening skills. Ka-Yah!