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Together We Make a Difference

St. Gabriel School offers students a rich and varied educational experience. Constantly striving to open minds and broaden horizons, traditional academics are supported by supplemental and extra-curricular activities that engage and challenge students. Children will develop self-esteem, self-awareness and self-discipline to become responsible individuals. Teachers, parents and other school personnel share the responsibility of the stdents educational, social and moral growth. 

As a designated ICOR school, St. Gabriel is able to guarantee reduced class sizes, allowing students to receive more individualised attention. ICOR funding also supports many of the special extra-curricular and supplemental programs St. Gabriel delivers to students, as well as regular field trips and cultural performances throughout the year.

Technology is integrated and utilized throughout the school. In addition to a modern computer lab, all students have access to Smart Boards. St. Gabriel is also a participant in the EMSB’s iPad deployment Project.

St. Gabriel School is a true community school which cherishes heritage while embracing diversity. Staff, parents, volunteers, and community personnel work together, to guarantee that all children succeed in life and develop to the best of their abilities in a safe, secure, and respectful environment. We believe in offering a variety of activities in order to meet our students’ academic and social needs.

Our vision is to instill an intricate sense of self-motivation through realizing the importance and value of education. We aim to create a general feeling of respect – self-respect, respect of others, and respect of property. We want to work cooperatively and in collaboration with the parents/guardians of our students. We want to encourage an appreciation for books and foster and develop literacy skills. We want to have a greater involvement with the Fine Arts and develop a holistic approach to learning. We hope to help each child develop academically and socially.

  • Learning is a life-long process
  • Children are entitled to a challenging educational curriculum
  • Children are entitled to a safe school
  • Children are encouraged to do their best at all times
  • Children learn in different ways and at different paces
  • Children will experience various forms of success
  • Children will develop necessary life skills
  • Children will develop the importance of respect – for self and others

We aim to create a sense of self-confidence, self-respect, as well as respect for others and to incorporate each of these values into every aspect of our students’ school life. Children are expected to behave in a manner that will prepare them to become responsible adults. With this concept in mind, students will be expected to show a sense of responsibility and will be held accountable, in a positive manner, for the consequences of their actions. We must insist that education is a value and will be beneficial to them later in life.

  • Building all literacy competencies
  • Development of personal and social competencies
  • Enhancing parental involvement


This Agreement outlines the commitments made by the school board and the school to achieve their mission of successfully instructing, qualifying and socializing students. The Educational Project defines the school/centre role in supporting the school board objectives and targets for student success, within the school board strategic plan and in line with the Ministère de l’Éducation, des Loisirs et du Sport goals.



In accordance with the Education Act, all elementary and high schools must developan anti-bullying and anti-violence plan aimed at fostering a safe school environment.

Each year, the school assembles a committee consisting of various staff members to set prevention measures based on the identified priorities following an analysis of the situation related to bullying and/or violence. 

The ABAV committee also conducts an annual review of the prevention measures initiated throughout the year to ensure the maintenance of a safe school environment. 

The ABAV Action Plan must be approved annually by the school’s Governing Board. 

You can download our Anti-Bullying Anti-Violence Action Plan from the below link.

Anti-Bullying Anti-Violence Action Plan 2023-2024

English Version

Uploaded: 2024-01-29

What is the ABAV Action Plan? | ABAV Plan Summary

English Version

Uploaded: 2024-01-29

School Facilities

Students at St. Gabriel School enjoy well-equipped facilities. In addition to a large gymnasium, our school building includes a spacious Assembly Hall, an indoor Oasis Garden, and a Cycle III common area called the Agora. Our school library continually updates their collection and has holdings in excess of 6 500 popular titles.

  • Full-sized gymnasium with stage
  • Assembly Hall
  • Library Facilities
  • Computer Lab
  • Indoor Oasis Garden
  • Cycle 3 Agora

Where is Pointe St-Charles?

Pointe-Saint-Charles ( known locally as The Point ) is a neighbourhood located southwest of downtown Montreal in the borough of Le Sud-Ouest. One of Canada's first working-class neighbourhoods, The Point has recently been revitalized with the influx of new residents, tourism areas and new housing developments.

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