Saint Columba House is a community ministry of The United Church of Canada situated in Point Saint Charles.

Point Saint Charles is a low-income neighbourhood with a rich history of innovative community organizing, much of which involved or was led by Saint Columba House. Saint Columba House continues to provide leadership within the community, seeking to promote empowerment and involvement of local citizens in actions and campaigns that directly affect their lives. As the community currently faces serious housing, economic and environmental problems, Saint Columba House strives to help residents have a voice in the future development of this vibrant neighbourhood, as well as within the wider society.

Saint Columba House offers a wide range of programs in which education and community participation have high priority.

As a community ministry of The United Church of Canada, Saint Columba House adheres to a theology of Liberation, helping people to find meaning in their lives, to challenge structures that disempower, and to fight against oppression.

Saint Columba House provides opportunities for community residents, volunteers, students and church members to get involved in a meaningful and fulfilling way with its mission.

Summer Day Camp 2023 (St. Columba House)

During the summer, Saint Columba House provides a bilingual Day Camp to the children, families and youth of Point Saint Charles. Our goal is to offer affordable quality services providing children with opportunities to learn and explore in a safe and supportive environment.

The Camp Program focuses on promoting physical activity, healthy eating, and discovery of the community and environment. The program consists of weekly camp outings to places of interest and fun (such as pools, regular beach trips, museums, nature outings, etc.).

Throughout camp the children, staff and volunteers have wonderful experiences and leave with beautiful memories.

For more information or to register,
or please contact Emilie Jacques- Family Programs Coordinator at
(514) 932-6202 ext. 233

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